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For a Fee

Get answers to questions on many subjects. Questioner posts question, views bids to answer, and selects best proposal.
Aims to put people who are seeking information in direct contact with other people who have the answers.
For verbally abusive people and the codependents who love them.
Online marketplace facilitating the exchange of money for fast solutions. Anyone can post a question and anyone can answer.
An online information market that anonymously matches seekers of information with providers of information. Experts get paid by charging fees for their answers.
Experts in industry, technology, science, materials, and business provide telephone, e-mail and project consulting.
Gives users direct access to experts in a wide range of categories. Offers full sound and video facilities in addition to e-mail and chat.
Service which offers telephone conversations to ask for advice.
Offers inspiration, marketing ideas, research, and negotiating.