To Become a Good Teacher

You will know how to become a good teacher if you know how to show genuine care for your students, if you act as a mentor to them, if you are well educated enough to make learning fun, if you pay attention to all your students’ needs especially those who are struggling and if you know how to communicate well with their parents.

Good teaching involves scholarship and personal integrity in addition to the ability to communicate, which is the basic foundation of good and effective teaching. Scholarship is a mixture of the grasp of knowledge and the habits of the mind while integrity is about honesty and candor.

Other qualities that you should learn on how to become a good teacher is to be able to stay calm when under pressure and have a sense of humor to lighten things up to make learning fun for the students to enjoy. You should be practical, objective and fair, detail-oriented and a good leader as well.

To evaluate yourself whether you are a good teacher or not, you can use student and peer reviews to assess your performance. It is very important that you understand what steps can you take to better improve your teaching skills and classroom management styles.

As part of learning how to become a good teacher, you should also learn how to use different methods and styles of teaching to effectively do your job. To do this, you can include individual work, small group sessions or whole group style of instruction to inject a dose of variety in your teaching style. Aside from textbooks, you may also use songs and dance numbers or anything creative to help students learn in different ways and to their fullest potential.

A good teacher by the way is someone who can accept that you do not actually know everything and that you are willing to accept other challenges and learn new things. You can be considered a good teacher if you are open to criticisms not just praises. Criticisms should not be taken as a personal attack against you but instead you should consider them as an opportunity to do better in your craft.