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A scholarly association dedicated to the study of the English language in North America.
Devoted to etymology of common words and slang phrases.
Exploring English words that are derived from Latin and Greek sources with etymologies and vocabulary activities.
An advanced Latin-Greek-English vocabulary source of etymologies with thematic units of roots, prefixes, and suffixes, and vocabulary quizzes.
History and evolution of more than 30,000 words, including slang and technical terms.
Relates medical terminology to the humanities, offering a weekly overview with references to classical etymology.
Weekly etymology magazine.
Words and language in a humorous vein. The online version of The Word Detective, a newspaper column answering readers' questions about words and language. Written by Evan Morris.
Includes a searchable database of Latin and Greek roots and affixes, a free newsletter, and links to other sites.
Collection of recently coined words, existing words that have enjoyed a recent renaissance, and older words that are now being used in new ways.